Wiesbaden SOSORT 2014 - Educational Course

May 6th

8:30-8:40 Idiopathic Scoliosis: definitions, detection, clinical picture
Theodoros B. Grivas, Greece

01_Grivas Lecture Idiopathic Scoliosis definitions-detection-clinical picture.pdf

8:40-8:50 Natural history of AIS
Tomasz Kotwicki, Poland

02_Kotwicki Natural history 2014.pdf

8:50-9:00 How AIS affects quality of life later in adult life-
Stefano Negrini, Italy

03_Negrini AIS and adult life QoL.pdf

9:10-9:20 3D nature of AIS: implications in non-surgical treatment –
Jean Claude de Mauroy, France

04_3D nature of IS de Mauroy.pdf

9:20-9:30 AIS Classifications used in non-surgical treatment
Manuel Rigo, Spain

05_RIGO I SOSORT course Wiesbaden 2014.pdf

12:15-12:25 The patient’s perspective –
Joseph O'Brien, USA

06_O'Brien Patient Perspective.pdf

9:50-10:00 Early onset scoliosis –
Franz Landauer, Austria

07_Early onset scoliosis-Landauer-03.pdf

10:00-10:10 Evidence based medicine in the surgical treatment of AISStefan
Mattyasovszky, Germany

08_MATTY-SOSORT2014 [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

10:50-11:00 Non idiopathic scoliosis-
Franz Landauer, Austria

09_Non idiopathic-Landauer-03 [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

11:00-11:10 Non surgical treatment in non-idiopathic scoliosis –
Ulrich Betz, Germany

10_Conservative treatment of the non idiopathic scoliosis Betz.pdf

11:10-11:20 Non-surgical treatment of Juvenile Kyphosis
Jean Claude de Mauroy, France

11_Non-surgical treatment of Juvenile Kyphosis.pdf

11:30-12:05 A concise approach to scoliogeny
Theodoros B. Grivas, Greece

12_Grivas Lecture - A concise approach to scologeny 29-4-2014 [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

9:30-9:40 Non-invasive methods to measure back asymmetry in AIS –
Patrick Knott, USA

13_SOSORT Ed Course 2014.pdf

12:25-12:35 AIS: Psychological aspects
Elisabetta D'Agata, Spain

14_Psychological aspects.pdf

13:45-13:55 AIS: evidence on brace treatment
Fabio Zaina, Italy

15_Zaina sosort course 2014 [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

13:55-14:05 Overview on braces used more in Europe –
Theodoros B. Grivas, Greece

16_Grivas Lecture Overview on braces used more in Europe [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

14:05-14:15 Overview of North American Brace Design–
Luke Stikeleather, USA

17_Wiesbaden 2014 Scoli Talk - NA American Braces - Stikeleather [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

14:25-14:35 AIS: Evidence on physiotherapy specific exercises –
Michele Romano, Italy

18_Evidenze [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

14:35-14:45 European schools of Scoliosis Physiotherapy –
Michele Romano, Italy

19_Scuole europee [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

14:45-14:55 American perspective on Scoliosis Specific Exercises-
Cindy Marti, USA

20_American Perspectives on Scoliosis Specific Exercise PPT draft 3.pdf

15:05:-15:15 Is there any evidence for non-surgical interventions others than bracing
and Physiotherapy Scoliosis Exercises –
Eric Parent, Canada

21_SOSORT Evidence on other therapies EP6.pdf

15:15-15:25 Historical perspective: the importance of the German School in the
scoliosis physiotherapy
Axel Hennes, Germany

22_Historical Perspective Presentation.pdf

15:50-16:00 Factors predicting success and brace failure –
Franz Landauer, Austria

23_SOSORT-Lecture-2014-Factors success and failure-Landauer-03 [Kompatibilitätsmodus].pdf

16:00-16:10 Is there a German way of bracing?
Silke Auler, Germany

24_Is there a German way of bracing.pdf

16:10-16:20 AIS: bracing and the sagittal plane –
Manuel Rigo, Spain

25_RIGO II SOSORT course Wiesbaden 2014.pdf

16:30-17:15 Case presentation panel presenting 3 cases/3 expertises for
discussion/plus open discussion
Manuel Rigo, Spain

26_Case Panel Presentation.pdf

May 07th , 2014
Educational COURSE A: Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
08:15 Opening Remarks
8:30-9:00 FITS
Marianna Bialek, Poland
Andrzej M’hango, Poland

A1 FITS Method.pdf

9:10-9:40 SCHROTH
Axel Hennes, Germany

A2 Schroth 3D Scoliosis Therapy.pdf

11:00-11:30 SEAS
Michele Romano, Italy

A4 SEAS Approach.pdf

11:40-12:10 LYON
Jean Claude de Mauroy, France

A5 Lyon Method.pdf

 May 07th , 2014
Educational COURSE B: Bracing
08:15 Opening Remarks

8:30-8:55 Soft bracing
Matthias Roller, Germany

B1 Soft Bracing.pdf

8:55-9:20 CHENEAU Brace Concept
Manuel Rigo, Spain

B2 Cheneau Brace Concept.pdf

Stefano Negrini, Italy

B3 SPoRT Concept.pdf

9:55-10:20 PASB
Angelo Gabriele Aulisa, Italy

B4 PASB.pdf

11:00-11:25 The new Lyon brace (ARTbrace)
Jean Claude de Mauroy, France

B5 Lyon Brace.pdf

11:25-11:50 Thoracolumbar Lordotic Intervention: It’s a technique,
not just a form - Piet van Loon, Netherlands

B6 TLI Bracing.pdf

Educational COURSE C: Patients Management by Physician
08:15 Opening remarks

08:30-9:00 Spinal Deformities:
Anamnesis, Diagnosis & Treatment;Variety on Options
Philipp Drees, Germany

C1 Anamnesis, Diagnosis & Treatment.pdf

09:10-09:40 Descending Functional Approach of the Skeletal System –
Christian Ludwig; Germany

C2 Descending Functional Approach of the Skeletal System.pdf

09:50-10:20 Ascending Functional Approach of the Skeletal System
Franz Landauer, Austria

C3 Ascending Functional Approach of the Skeletal System.pdf

11:00-11:30 Spine Function & Whole Body Approach of the Skeletal System
Holger Jahn, German

C4 Spine Function & Whole Body Approach of the Skeletal System.pdf

11:40-12:20 Case Study: Anamnesis, Diagnosis & Treatment Decision Process
Moderator: Dr. med. Holger Jahn and two expertise

C5 Case Study Anamnesis, Diagnosis & Treatment, Decision Progress.pdf