I wish to thank you all for the kind words and consideration.

I strongly believe that this was the best SOSORT Meeting ever, even if I believe it will be surpassed by Katowice, like it always happened in the past, being the last the best Meeting. As always, mistakes can have been done, but they were not important. I think that creating guidelines for future meetings and educational courses will help preventing these mistakes for the future.

We had some discussions among the founders, and the overall perception of many of us are resumed in these random sentences that have been given by some of us:

  • the train is out of the station
  • the adolescent has grown in a young adult
  • we are in front of the world now
  • SOSORT cannot be stopped any more
  • the Society has its own life now

These sentences all converge on the same point: the young kid SOSORT has grown up, and now begins to have its own life.

This is joint with my personal perception (that I think is again shared by other founders - specifically Manuel) that it is now time to give space to new forces. My perception is not only that the Society needs new "pushing" people (not people "to be pushed", like Manuel said), but also that we have to give space to these new forces without interfering with them (only helping from outside).

Saturday afternoon, when I was fiercely fighting for my ideas like I've done so many times in the past, I clearly felt that I was in the wrong position: my contribution had to be given, but others had to decide now.

In my view we, the founders, have the attitude of people that had to defend the positions and the little kid. Now the Society is in another phase: it needs youg forces and the attitude of developing standards, facing and strenghtening the growth, searching for new developments while strongly grounding on our established roots. For this, I believe that we, the founders, have to give space to the new people in the Board, while giving our full support of knowledge and undestanding, but without figthing for our "old views" that could in the end be counterproductive.

Only, please let me point one last time to our best roots: evidence, and friendship.

  1. Evidence. My friends, if we have one reason for this first victory of having established a Society is the fight for evidence that we all had: now the literature in this field is again growing, and this is due to us, to SOSORT. Strongly remain in the field of evidence. This is the fight I will continue to do for our Society: I will continuously be back on this at any time in which I will in any way perceive any other force (usually politics and personal power) will detach our group from evidence. I'm sorry for this, but like for many other points in the past, you will have to stand me in my fight for evidence... I believe that this will be the best contribution I can give to the Society for the future
  2. Friendship. In the end, we are all friend. We figthed a lot, but with respect one for the other. We discussed, but we are real friends because we had a construction to be built together. In these years we smoothed our differences, while maintaining them. This is a way that must be continued

So, my youngest friends in the Board, please go !

It's your time: I personally will be always with SOSORT, but now it's another time for the Society, and I'm really happy that it has come.