As our President explain us before from our Society have emerged eleven Committees which aims and rules are:

Aims of the Committees
1. Help in developing SOSORT aims
2. Involving more people in the life of the Society
3. Allowing to develop the new leadership for the future of SOSORT

• General rules
1. The Committees refer directly to the Board, and for each Committee there is one member of the Board as coordinator (while they can be chaired also by people not in the Board).
2. The Chair is the referent of the Committee, the coordinator just verify what’s going on for the Board, and can be or not an active member of the Committee itself.
3. The Committees cannot act independently from the Board, nor they represent in any way the Society.
4. Committees can meet according to their needs and develop any mean to work together according to what needed.
5. Results of Committees works must be referred at each Assembly of the Society, and must be spread through the Newsletter and the Web Site once approved by the Board.
6. Generally speaking we should have 2 to 3 people involved in each Committee.
7. One person ideally should participate only to one Committee; anyway the rule should be no more than two positions in the SOSORT (Board and Committee included)





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Helmut Diers



Scoliosis Journal

Theo Grivas

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Brace Classification

Study Group (BCSG)

Theo Grivas

Angelo G Aulisa,Jean Claude de Mauroy, Helmut Diers, Steve Glassman, Timothy Hresko, Tomasz  Kotwicki, Patrick Knott, Toru Maruyama, Stefano Negrini, J. O’Brien, Nigel Price, Manuel Rigo, Luke Stikeleather, John Thometz, James Wynne, Fabio Zaina



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