Members: Mariette Kosse, Andrea Lebel, Jean Claude de Mauroy

Coordinator: Secretary of SOSORT

• Aim of the Commitee:
To inform SOSORT members about events and news about SOSORT and what’s going on in the field of scoliosis conservative treatment

• People needed, and eventual roles.
Minimum 2 - maximum 3. One of these should be the committee referent (chair), report about the work done and decisions taken to the President and the Secretary.

• How to work together
By email contact and audio-video conference (Skype)

• The Newsletter will be organized as follows:
1.- Editorial
, which introduces the trimestral newsletter with a interview to an important or renamed person talking about his/her knowledge about the conservative treatment (eg: Cheneau, Lehnert-Schroth…) or specialists related to the scoliosis world: Physicians, Orthopedics , Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Psychologists, Surgeons and Biologists; which expose their present view of the treatment, detection or whatever of the scoliosis (not just the IS, also other kind of scoliosis). Or expose some Sosort members’ opinion.
2.- News of the Sosort: Section about internal news of the society and what the society is
doing for members, memberships advantages and initiatives
3.- Scientific Events (which include courses and meetings) related to Scoliosis conservative treatment and EBM in the field.
4.- Review of Literature, with a special interest on Scoliosis (the journal)
5.- Previous Newsletter links
6.- Link to SOSORT website and other interesting websides refered to conservative treatment or that are working on the topic (Physicians, Orthopedics , Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Psychologists, Surgeons and Biologists)
7.- E-mail contact to accept suggestions

• Action to be performed
1. One member should keep in contact with the secretary of the board and collect informations about news, events and whatever is going on and could be of interest. He should also retrive informations about meetings dealing with scoliosis treatment.
2. Another one should sistematically review what has been published about scoliosis conservative treatment.
3. A third member will make an interview to an expert of scoliosis treatment and look for interesting sites about scoliosis The newsletter should be sent to all members and all the people that wish to subscribe to a mailing list on SOSORT website quaterly per year. SOSORT webmaster should prepare a link for mailing list subscription. Morover a copy of every newsletter should be available online.

• Timing of these actions
For 2009, Newsletter will be sent on March, June, September and December.
First aims to be reached, and time required First Newsletter within May

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Last news from the Committee

The propose of our committee is to create new activities which help us to offer you news and the possibility to know better the thoughts of our members. We are working in new formats to offer you interviews and also to have interaction with our lectors asking to the members what they really want about the newsletter. This always under the board supervision. We want to create a dynamic newsletter which really covers the needs and expectations of the members. So we need your cooperation. Thanks for it!