Chair: Advisory board, with the Past president add a Chair

Coordinator: President of SOSORT

• Foreword
The uniqueness of our organization is cooperation of several professions in different academic degrees from different countries, specially with patients organizations. This multidisciplinary form of SOSORT can give us hard and long work but on the ether hand it will raise the issue to a high level. We will take into consideration The internal ethical code of each group. To find our original code for mutual organization work. For example: We can have a rule which the benefit of the patient is preferred in any case although professional competition is legitimate but is dune with integrity and cooperation as consultations when needed.

• Aims of the committee
Determent rules of moral and ethical relations inside the different disciplines and among them, in work and research. To be a committee of arbitration in any complain or problem about ethics.

• People needed
Around 5 persons: a patient, 2 medical doctors (surgeon and rehabilitator), orthotist and
physiotherapist from different countries if possible.

• Action to be performed
Every committee member will write a questioner about internal ethics in his professional group. The committee will approve and it will be send to the members of the group. according to the answers and another information the committee member of the group will determine rules of the group. The committee will get those rules and compose an ethical document of SOSORT. The committee will meet in the next conference and decide about the proposal of the ethical code of SOSORT. This code will be distribute among all SOSORT members asking them to approve/comment. The committee will collect all the responses and according to that, formulate the final ethical code of SOSORT. The committee will work through email and meetings in the conference (as it seams now). For the first aim we need 4-5 months, to finish the 4 aim I assume a year and a half.