Chairs: Stefano Négrini

Coordinator: Next President of SOSORT

• Aim of the Committee
To undertake actions aiming in the improvement of the quality of the conservative treatment currently being in practise.

• People needed (maximum and minimum), and eventual roles
Members – J. Durmala, T. Maruyama,

• Working together
By emails, and through the Committee Meeting during the SOSORT Meeting

• Issues being currently addressed
Consensus sessions in conservative scoliosis treatment (Negrini) Development and updating of the SOSORT guidelines  Prospective brace study (Kotwicki) Standards of brace manufacturing and clinical use (Negrini) Nomenclature of braces (Negrini) Theories of brace action over the scoliotic curve (Rigo) Prognosis of the outcome (Landauer)

• Timing of these actions
Continuous SOSORT activity

See also Terminology Consensus

Last news from the Committee

The Scientific and Research Committee continues the activity "SOSORT promotes research" and currently examines a scientific project submitted by a group of researchers from Poland who wish to apply for Ministry of Health grant. We help this group to prepare a good project, following SOSORT standards for high quality methodology.
Other researchers interested in having their project examined by the SOSORT Committee are invited to submit it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Committee does not disperce it without authors' approuval.
The Committee prepares a debate on the SOSORT prospective brace study, the details will be provided in the next Newsletter.


Consensus: Stefano Negrini


Delphi process (Jones J, Hunter D. Qualitative Research: Consensus methods for medical and health services research. BMJ 1995;311:376-380)

Round 1-2. The first draft of recommendations has been circulated in the SOSORT Board to be changed/integrated. We now have the final proposal for recommendations, grouped together under a limited number of headings and statements.

Round 3. All SOSORT members have now to rank their agreement on these three scales and explain their ranking (and add comments)

Agreement:  I totally agree    I agree    I do not agree nor disagree  |  I disagree  | I totally disagree

Importance:  Highest   |   High  |   Medium   |   Low   |   Lowest

Type of recommendation:   Mandatory   |   Highly recommended   |  Recommended   | Could be recommended   |  Not to recommend at all

Application:     Always |  Frequently  |   Sometimes   |   Rarely  |  Never

Application is divided in personal, clinical and for research with each statement in the questionnaire.

I will summarise the rankings and include them in a repeat version of the questionnaire.

Round 4. During the Meeting we will have a presentation of the recommendations and rankings by SOSORT members to the participants, that will be able to rank their agreement with each statement in the questionnaire. I will summarise the rankings and assess them for degree of consensus for the final publication.


After the Meeting. A paper draft will be prepared and edited by the authors to be published in Scoliosis