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The title of the consensus was: Terminology in use for the conservative spinal deformities treatment, 2010 SOSORT Consensus paper.



If you are interested, you will find a form allowing you to draft your definition.

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Methodology 1st Round

Development with: the SRS Dictionary, SRS 3D Terminology, Tomasz Kotwicki paper, Theo Grivas powerpoint, 360 Orthotics Dictionary

Many terms  have been extracted from the previous SOSORT Consensus, and proposes by us until now.

All newly added terms have not been defined yet, because now we have to be comprehensive and chose the terms. Even if they have not been defined, they have been classified as follows:

Aim (of treatment)







Methodology 2nd Round

Definitively chose the terms, involving also the Board members and some key persons of particular schools not represented today in the board (i.e. SpineCor, Fits, DoboMed…).

Please, each of you read carefully these terms and propose new terms to be added. In general, the terms must have a general interest or a specific interest but widely recognised.

If you think that some terms are not enough of general interest, please state it clearly now


Methodology 3rd Round

After collecting all the proposed terms from the Board and the Committee, we will propose the final structure of the Dictionary (because some terms will be joined together or something like that - we have to decide yet), and we will prepare a draft of the definitions.

The new version will be circulated among the Committee for revision

The new version accepted by the Committee will be send to the Board and to the members for comments, revision, inclusion of new terms.


We have now completed the first list of definitions

This list can be widened to the methods of physiotherapy and braces.

At first, we shall reserve the priority:
- In the methods and historic braces (continuing to be used for more than 20 years)
- In the methods and braces used in more than 5 countries (publications in each of the countries).
- In the methods and braces validated by the EBM