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How to become a member?

If you are interested in applying to become a SOSORT member we are grateful for your interest! 

SOSORT, like many other scientific societies, has mandated certain requirements that each applicant must attain to be considered for membership. You must be a professional dedicated to scoliosis conservative treatment and share and respect the SOSORT recommendations for scoliosis treatment. In addition  to be eligible for membership to the society you must have attended at least one SOSORT meeting prior to your membership application. If  you meet these criteria please complete the online form.

Click on the following link to access this     Application form).

Your application will then be evaluated by our membership  committee.  Eligible candidates will have their membership voted on by the assembly of SOSORT  members during the next SOSORT meeting in 2017 in Lyon.  

Applications for new members close on February the 28th. 

We look forward to your application 

SOSORT membership Committee.

Please once you have completed the form please send it by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with you CV and a recent picture.  Once we have all your documentation, the general assembly will  take a vote regarding the acceptance of your subscription during the annual SOSORT Meeting.

To maintain membership, each Member has to pay an annual fee to support the Society. For the first year of subscription the fee is 120 Euro. For renewal the fee is 100 Euro if paid before the Annual Meeting, 120 Euro if paid after. To make payments easier, the renewal  fee is generally included in the Meeting registration fee.

Please check the SOSORT Statutes for information about Members' rights and duties.



Bank Account: International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment

Bank: Banco di Desio, Filiale di Vigevano, Italy
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Dear Scoliosis expert,

During the last decade it became harder and harder to find a congress of good quality that focuses on conservative treatment of scoliosis according to scientific data. The best international meetings became progressively devoted to surgery. No more room for conservative, no chance to have a paper accepted. No way to make the conservative treatment change from being expert-opinion based becoming evidence based. Nevertheless, people are demanding conservative treatment, and they want it to be effective and EBM. So, what should we do? This was the question raised by a group of people deeply involved in scoliosis conservative treatment, both physician, physiotherapists and CPO, but also aware of the necessity to increase research in this field. And the answer has been to create a new society, a group where to discuss, where to grow up and make research together. This is how SOSORT was born in 2004, the Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation treatment, during a meeting held in Barcelona. Just a few people, at that time, but with a clear idea, a dream and the willingness to realize it. Now, seven years passed, and SOSORT has grown up. During the 2011 meeting, held again in Barcelona, it reached a significant goal, increasing the number of members to more than 100, including people from all around the world! A great result, for those people who have devoted themselves to this project.

Now SOSORT is a place for all those who want to transform the conservative treatment in EBM. A place where, also those who are not researchers can learn, can discuss, can improve. Do you think this has a value? I think so. And that’s why I would like to invite you to join us to grow up professionally together. If we want to continue to have a place for all these things, we need to support this project, and make SOSORT grow up and continue to exist.

As we grow we see increasing interest from all the professionals of conservative treatment, and also from patients, who are an active part of the Society since the very beginning. SOSORT has achieved important objectives, and provides great opportunities for all the professionals:

* An annual congress, where we can discuss face to face and develop new projects together and new relationships.

* The “Scoliosis” Journal, an open access peer reviewed journal, where we can collect the main papers on the topic and make them free for all those who are interested.

* Clinical guidelines, totally Evidenced-Based, to help with clinical decisions, which are now close to their second edition.

* A Website, where we can collect all the material related to the Society.

* A Newsletter, where we can easily find the main updates.

* An instructional book about the clinical management of scoliosis, from evaluation to treatment.

* An Award, in recognition of the most relevant researches in the field of scoliosis conservative treatment.

Don’t you think these are great reasons to join SOSORT? If you agree, join SOSORT now! If you don’t, then you should join SOSORT to help us achieve new objectives according to your suggestions!

Sabrina Donzelli & Petra Auner-Gröbl

Membership Committee