The “Fondation Yves Cotrel pour la Recherche en Pathologie Rachidienne” was born on January 22nd 1999, through a convention with the Institut de France.

According to its by-laws:

The Foundation aims to coordinate, sustain and promote - at both national and international levels - health research, more particularly in spinal diseases.

An international scientific Board will study the proposals submitted by the members of the administrative Board, its members, an external scientific figure or directly by the researchers.

The scientific Board will select the research projects to be supported, will ensure the follow-up of these projects and their evolution and will validate the progress of the supported research.


Why focus on Idiopathic Scoliosis?

Spinal deformities affect approximately 5‰ of children, and often have a negative impact on the quality of their lives. Spinal deformities that appear early in a child’s life can progress to a severe state and can even deteriorate further during adulthood. Sadly, the causes of spinal deformities are currently unknown.


What are existing treatments?

Currently, no reliable data exists which can predict how a deformity will progress. Thus, the treatment of a patient is based on the individual’s symptoms and their possible progression as seen during regular examinations. This type of empirical decision making may result in less than optimal treatment.

The conservative treatments available are based on the use of corrective braces, to be worn during the spinal growth period. Surgical treatment is used only in case of severe deformity. The objective of surgery is to fuse the deviated vertebrae to ensure their stabilization. However, while such fusions maintain the stability of the spine, they also reduce spine’s mobility - one of the spine’s key functions. Basically, the surgeon chooses between “the lesser of two evils”.

We can no longer be satisfied with this situation

The “Fondation Y. Cotrel de l’Institut de France” has decided to select and support the most valuable biomechanical, genetic, endocrinological, neurologic and metabolic projects researching the origins of idiopathic scoliosis in order to have early detection, and even better, to prevent its development.


Support the Foundation

I - Spead the word, share the news... 

II - Bring your moral or financial support

III - The Cotrel Spinal Research Foundation was created in Memphis in order to enable US citizen to actively support the research programs


The White Book - 15 Years Research

The Cotrel Foundation has the pleasure to share with you its first issue of the Idiopathic Scoliosis White Book.

It gathers scientific papers from all the teams supported by the Foundation since 2000.