The official congress language is English.


Passports and Visas

Your passport or National Identity Card must be valid for the duration of your stay in France.

You may need to acquire a visa before your travel to France, if you are not a French citizen or a citizen of one of the European Economic Area countries.

If in doubt, please check the information with your nearest French Embassy or consulate or your airline.

If necessary of visa, you have the possibility to download HERE the Visa Request Form.



The official Currency in France is EURO (€).


Bank & Exchange

Banking hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 4:30pm.

You can find cash dispensers everywhere in Lyon and accessible 24 hours a day. .

In case of withdrawal, check before with your bank to be sure not to be charged of fee or with which bank you can use your card for free.

Generally, you will be warned if a commission is going to be charged before validating the transaction.

Many hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards (visa, MasterCard, sometimes American Express).



Temperatures in Lyon in May usually range between 16-20° by day.

Nights are cooler.



The main voltage in France is 230V.    

Round power outlet, with 2 holes for the phase and the neutral, as well as a border for the earth(ground).


Useful Telephone numbers

Dial 17 in an emergency to request the police,

Dial 18 in an emergency to request Fire and Rescue service,

Dial 15 in an emergency to request Emergency Medical Service.



In France, restaurants and hotels bills include a service charge.

If you feel the service was good and want to show your appreciation, extra tips will be appreciated (without any fixed percentage, the amount is left to your judgement).



From November 15, 2006, smoking in public areas is strictly forbidden.

Smoking inside the venue is definitively banned.

Dedicated smoking areas will be designated around the venue.