SOSORT Educational Pre-Meeting Course

May 5th and 6th, 2015- Katowice Poland

Chair: Jacek Durmala, Poland
Co-Chairs: Manuel Rigo, Spain, Josette Bettany-Saltikov, UK
May 5th, 2015
8:50 H Opening Remarks 10’
Tomasz Kotwicki, Poland Discussion 5’
Fabio Zaina, Italy Discussion 5’
Joseph O’Brien, USA Discussion 5’
Edyta Kinel, Poland Discussion 5’
Coffee break 30’
Jean Claude De Mauroy, France Discussion 5’
Fabio Zaina Discussion 5’
Manuel Rigo, Spain Discussion 5’
Patrick Knott, USA Discussion 5’
Sabrina Donzelli, Italy Discussion 5’
12:30 H LUNCH
13:30 H Course A: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Chair: Michele Romano (Italy)
Hagit Berdishevsky (Israel-US)
Demo Session I 40’ (≈10’ per school)
--> SEAS
--> FITS
--> Lyon
Coffee-Break 30’
Demo Session II 40’ (≈10’ per school) Round Table I (all the schools) 60’
Chair. Michele Romano 17:30 H End of the Journey May 6th, 2015
8:30 H Course B: Brace concepts
Chair: Jacek Durmala (Poland)
Fabio Zaina (Italy)
Case presentation I 40’ (≈ 10’ per concept)
--> PASB
--> TLI
--> Boston
Coffee-Break 30’
Case presentation II 40’ (≈ 10’ per concept) Round table II (all the concepts) 60’
Chair: Jacek Durmala 12:30 H LUNCH
--> High Rigidity and Asymmetry (new concepts)

 Post Meeting Presentations

--> ATSI and POTSI as objective photographic assessment of posture.pdf

--> Donzelli_researchcourse_1.pdf

--> Donzelli research course_2.pdf

--> Maxing out on quality appraisal of your research- Avoiding common pitfalls.pdf

--> Planning your Research Project- Asking an answerable research question.pdf

--> Selecting, Describing and Standardizing Bracing Interventions.pdf 

--> Selecting, Describing and Standardizing Exercise interventions.pdf